W H O   W E   A R E   

Music Ascension believes that our children's voices deserve to be heard. Founded in 1999, we place songwriters & music producers into classrooms, youth centers, & summer camps across the U.S. Utilizing contemporary music technology, our innovative programming in songwriting, music production, instrumental performance, chorus, & classroom music offers young people the chance to feel their creativity fuel their learning. 

Our work engages & enhances the creative voices of our youth and serves as a galvanizing force in the community. With decades-long partnerships with schools, non-profit youth development organizations, youth centers, and summer camps, we have helped transform students, faculties, and communities in deeply meaningful and sustainable ways.

In this [Music Ascension] studio I learned how to accept myself. It took me three years to accept myself for who I am, music helped me find that.
— Former MA student

 While each of our teaching artist residencies are customized to fit your community’s needs and desires, they all follow a similar arc. Each residency begins with our Teaching Artist helping students discover the words and sounds inside themselves. Over the course of the residency, these creative ideas are nurtured by the teaching artist as the students develop them into completed lyrics and music. As songs are completed, they are recorded, mixed, and mastered by our teaching artists and production teams. These professionally produced recordings are then released on CD and digital platforms at a CD release party, celebrating the hard work and achievements of your students. Your students’ creativity is further celebrated through music videos, lyric posters, and other materials. Throughout the course of these residencies, students’ own music and words are used for academic and musical lessons. 

Founded by singer/songwriter, Pete Kalvert, a dually Certified Teacher of Music and Teacher of Social Studies by the State of New Jersey, Music Ascension is well into its second decade of giving voice and changing lives. 

Our children have a lot to say... we can help them say it.