Our Approach To Music Education...

MUSIC ASCENSION is a proven and galvanizing force that enhances  the entire school community by cultivating, developing, and showcasing your students' creativity. 

• We effectively incorporate student-generated material within our curricula to help students make powerful and personal connections to their academic studies and career pursuits.

• Our programs are designed to actively engage, develop and improve students' literacy & language skills, mathematic ability, spatial and kinesthetic awareness, and consistently foster healthy brain development. 

• We believe Music Education that incorporates both GOAL SETTING and GOAL ACHIEVEMENT will instill within children fundamental lifelong skills they will utilize in all parts of life

• Our Teaching Artists are Professional Musicians and/or Music Producers. This deeply inspired learning experience/exchange is infused throughout by the sharing of creative processes, technical methods, and the work ethic our practicing professionals employ in their own work.

.• We believe music is a wonderful means to share and explore cultures within the United States as well as beyond our geographic borders. Our programs and Teaching Artists bring to students a meaningful appreciation for many styles of music and a greater awareness of the cultures from which they sprang.  

MUSIC ASCENSION uses music as a catalyst to promote understanding and respect so that deepening attitudes of acceptance and tolerance will serve to influence all children in an inspired and positive way.

• We believe LIVE student performances are both exciting and essential to a successful Music Residency. Performances offer a safe and supportive showcase for our students' artistic achievements, and the weekly goals we establish and achieve in preparation for this community building event foster lasting pride and self confidence.