W H O   W E   A R E   

We are an organization dedicated to bringing about change and transformation through the power of creative expression. 
For nearly 2 decades, we’ve been mobilizing young people to share their voices and share their stories.  We’ve had the honor of helping these courageous young people turn their experiences, feelings and insights into creative works of Art, powerful testaments of authenticity and positive vehicles for impacting those who listen.
Since 1999, Music Ascension has specialized in giving voice to young people through our Songwriting & Recording program. We’ve facilitated and produced thousands of songs and nearly 100 albums written entirely by our youth. Our team of Teaching Artists, Music Producers, Music Educators and Songwriters bring seasoned professional experience, their own unique artistry, passion, compassion and humanity to this work in equal measure.  With great sensitivity and respect for each student, our staff helps to draw out and facilitate the songwriting process, transforming their stories and experiences into lyrics and melodies, rhythms and rhymes.  The act of infusing their stories with these creative elements can breathe life into what is so often indescribable within them and around them.
These original creations become safe containers for their experiences.  These very tangible creations can serve as guide posts and markers of their inner strengths and hard fought wisdom.  They can also serve as a beacon for others who share similar stories, lighting a path toward community and healing. 

We’ve witnessed how the power of giving voice to their hopes, their anger, their grief, their rage, their inner knowing, their wisdom, their reality through creative avenues has transformed them. Transformed their experiences. Transformed those around them. And indeed saved their lives.

We believe in this work.  We have witnessed its impact in thousands of young people. 
We believe in our young people.  We are witnessing the rising tide of their leadership.
We believe that the transformative power of connecting to one another through our stories can affect change and healing in our world. 


Our children have a lot to say... we can help them say it.



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