Music Ascension is looking for an inspiring, greatly skilled, organized, and enthusiastic Songwriter/Music Producer/Educator to work with campers (ages 8-15) at highly regarded sleep-away summer camps in collaboration with NYC based Music Education company Music Ascension ( We are looking to fill positions for our camp partnerships in Upstate New York and Eastern Pennsylvania.

For over 19 years, Music Ascension has worked to inspire camp communities by helping young people discover, develop, and share their creative voices by writing and recording their own original works. We have designed and built Pro Tools, Ableton, and Reason equipped multi-room recording studios in which campers write and record their own songs.

Classes to be led include Songwriting & Recording, Beat Production, and Collaborative Musical Games.

This position, as Music Studio Program Director will facilitate the creation and production of an album (8-15 songs) that features the original music and lyrics written & recorded by the campers over the course of the summer!

Music Ascension will provide mastering engineer and graphic designer.

IF NECESSARY, we will also provide mixing engineer.

Applicants MUST BE flexible, positive-minded, and able to help cultivate a fun, educational, and inspired CAMP community. Though you will have the ability to use the recording studio for your own work at night, please know this is not an Artist-In-Residence position and you will often need to use non-teaching time for session prep as well as post production responsibilities.

Must have considerable Classroom teaching and/or workshop facilitation experience.

          Experience teaching private lessons typically does not suffice.

Must have skills necessary to record and produce an album.

Must be positive minded, fun-spirited, energetic, and a consistently supportive contributor to our camp community.


Additional Information:

Prior Camp experience a BIG plus!

Salary + Room & Board provided at camp.

Accommodations vary from private housing to shared housing with 1-2 other staff members. This is 7-8 week job commitment

DATES: STAFF ORIENTATION BEGINS: varies slightly depending upon matched placement with particular camp. Approx June 18, 2018

CAMPERS ARRIVE: varies slightly depending upon matchedvplacement with particular camp. Approx June 24, 2018

CAMPERS DEPART: varies slightly depending upon matched placement with particular camp. August 13, 2018


Music Ascension is designed to inspire camp communities by providing an exciting, yet consistently safe forum in which musicians/educators guide young people to discover, develop, and share their creative voice by writing and recording their own original works.



Solid songwriting experience.                                                                                                                              

Must be organized, confident yet highly cooperative                                                                                            

Must have strong teaching/leading experience (Experience teaching private lessons is NOT sufficient) 

Must wield an efficient work flow in Pro Tools, Logic, Reason and/or Ableton.

Implement Music Ascension programming at camp                                                                               

Communicate effectively with Camp leadership, Music Ascension leadership, & campers

Light troubleshoot recording equipment and musical instruments

Prepare and Send Weekly Reports to Music Ascension.


Must be willing to live at and be a member of the summer camp community.