G I V I N G    V O I C E

At Music Ascension we believe that giving voice has the power to transform and save lives. Our students have made some powerful music, we hope you enjoy listening. 


an instrument for converting internal thoughts and feelings into empowered human energy, which may then be amplified, transmitted, or recorded…
in order to transform and save lives.

"Music is life, where there is no music, there is no life..." Music Speaks to My Soul comes from students in Chancellor Academy. 

Coming out of our summer program at Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods, Fly Baby Fly is a testament to overcoming fears and anxieties.

Showing Love & Bringing Care comes out of 2015 partnership with Newark Public Schools and their Summer Plus program. 

Coming out of the program at The Fed Cap School, Noone Knows is a powerful testament to music as a tool for storytelling.

Another powerful song about over striving for a better world from our 2015 program in Newark.