Our Teaching Artist Residencies

Music Ascension offers a teaching artist residency experience that ignites students’ belief in the value and power of their words and creative abilities. We bring a mobile Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to transform your classroom into a fully functioning recording and music production studio. Our highly trained Teaching Artists, who are professional musicians and/or music producers, will guide students in group musical activities, collaborative songwriting processes, and provide hands-on practical opportunities to acquire vocational audio-engineering and music production skills.

Over the course of our programs, students will write and record songs that will be professionally produced and released on CD. We host a CD Release Listening Party on one of the last days of the program during which the students’ work can be celebrated and enjoyed by friends and family. 



Our mobile Digital Audio Workstation will transform your classroom into a recording studio.

Our programs are designed individually and will meet all students wherever they are at both musically and personally creating a fun, engaging, and meaningful musical experience. All of our programs are designed and overseen by our founder and director, Pete Kalvert, who brings decades of experience working in classrooms and is a dually certified music and social studies teacher in New Jersey.