Our Signature Programs

Songwriting & Recording:
Recommended for Grades 5-12

We believe young people have much to say. These workshops are designed to instill within students a lasting belief in themselves and the power of their own life experience.

Students are guided by a professional musician through a collaborative songwriting process that ensures all participants contribute in meaningful lyrical, musical, and compositional ways regardless of prior experience writing or making music.

Literary devices such as metaphor, character, tone, setting, imagery, and point of view; as well as poetic devices such as alliteration, rhyme scheme, rhythm, and form are actively explored and directly applied to lyrics.

Students discover how to effectively utilize Fundamentals of Music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics and texture in order to powerfully communicate their message.

Finally, throughout the entire songwriting process, students gain hands on experience with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) equipped with industry standard recording and music production software. This technical and vocational avenue provides an exciting entry point for students to get creatively involved with music technology. Students can assist in the actual recording processes as their work is professionally produced by our music producers.

Whether using an iPad or a DAW, each student will collaborate on at least 1 original song to be featured on the full length CD we release at the end of this program. 

Music Production and Recording Studio Program:
Recommended for Grades 8-12

This highly vocational program offers students practical training in the fields of Audio-Engineering as well as Music Production. It has served as an empowering springboard for many students to enroll in college and vocational training programs beyond their High School years. 

Students study basic acoustics, microphone technology, signal routing and processing, and creatively learn fundamental Recording, Editing, and Mixing techniques. Some of the software and apps we work with are Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, Melodyne, Animoog, Korg iElectribe, Garageband, Mashine, Music Studio, and iSequence.

Great emphasis is placed on working along an established production timeline while embodying a professional work place/studio etiquette.