Recommended for Grades 9-12

Hand Drumming is perhaps the most immediately  satisfying  and non intimidating musical experience we can offer children. Our drum circles are facilitated by a professional musician trained to effectively build a positive, respectful, and musically responsive group dynamic among 2-50  plus participants.

Not only is this team building experience a physically engaging endeavor that develops motor skills, we have found it to greatly help students focus and manage their behavior.  It is common for us to see students playing drums uninterrupted and undistracted for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Students learn proper hand drumming technique as well as care and maintenance for the instruments we provide to your school. At the end of every drum circle program, students perform rousing and inspiring work that showcases traditional West African and Latin rhythms and highlights the improvisatory capabilities of your students.

These workshops can be integrated within Social Studies and Language Arts curricula as students gain a respectful and meaningful understanding of the deep cultural significance drum and dance hold throughout the world.